Monday, April 27, 2015

Spin The Wheel

Happy Monday!
It is the last week of April.
Today is my favorite cousin, Amber's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Amber! 
Larry and I love you.

Last week my dryer died.
I went to the appliance brothel and bought a new one.
It will be delivered on Saturday but I will not do laundry today.
It is seriously driving me mad.
I always do laundry on Monday.

It is the kind of Monday that you want to read all day 
feel guilty for doing it.
It is a Russian Roulette Monday.
I will spin the wheel and decide what to do.

Yesterday was Sunday dinner and Movie.
I made chicken and rice casserole.

Paired it with a nice Orin Swift white wine.

And we watched....
Have you ever seen this before?
It was a fist time for us and it was very good.

I am off to spin the wheel and see what I will do with my day.
Love you.


Amber Moralis said...

thank you for the birthday wishes, dear Robin!! I did not do laundry today either (I also always do laundry on mondays!), but it's because it was my birthday & I didn't feel like it!! the casserole looks excellent. Love to you both!