Monday, March 16, 2015

What A Weekend!

What a wonderful, amazing, thrilling weekend it was.

Saturday morning was
 Family Bowling Tournament!
We all met at our usual "haunt" to eat lunch and bowl.
Matilda's painting was grand prize for high scorer.

Matilda in Josh's glasses.

Matilda and the grand prize.
The painting that she created!

Someone LOVES to bowl.

The action shot.

Family ready to bowl.

Josh won the painting.
Congratulations Josh!

Josh is the best bowler in our family.
{for today that is}

After bowling, Matilda showed off her new card game.
It is a super hero card game and on one of the blank cards,
she made a "PA" super hero card.
Larry was thrilled.

This pic is for Amanda.
Jami needs a haircut!

Monday is well started.
Laundry is half done
and I am busy with projects.

My Facebook account is still deleted. 
I will share THAT story at a later time.
It is a juicy story of friendship and betrayal.
But then again, what Facebook story isn't about
friendship and betrayal?

So, lets put on our happy faces and carry on through another Monday.
At least we made it through the Ides of March. 

Love you beyond social media.
{including Blogger}