Monday, March 30, 2015

A Dot In Your Life

Fred & Dot

Each year, my book group meets somewhere in the country.
Last fall we met in Savannah, GA.
I was still very sick but I managed the best that I could.
{I look back now, wishing that I had more time with these dear friends}
 There is a lady in our group whom I adore.
She is honestly one of the most heartfelt people I have ever known.
Her smile lights up a room and she adores Fred.
These two love-birds have not been married but a few years
you can tell that they are Kindred Spirits.

My time with Dot is always a joy.
She is a positive person, kind and honest.
Sometimes when I come home and there is a message on my machine,
{she almost never calls my cell phone}
knowing that she called just to check on Larry and me,
 makes me smile.

Everyone should have a Dot in their lives.
I am blessed beyond the moon to consider Dot a friend.

Love you.