Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We All Have a Kanye In Our Lives

Don't we all have a Kanye West in our lives?
That one ignoramus that thinks that they can say or do anything
to be in seen and heard...and not be held accountable.

I used to be hurt by people like that.
I would silently weep, at the hurtful actions
of people who thought that accountability did not pertain to them.

I tried to confront.
But needless to say...
how can anyone even make an excuse for something
ridiculous and hurtful?

The below image is not mine.
I stole it.
Credit goes to a person named Cyndie Ward.
Lovely isn't it?
I stole it because I never want to forget the feeling I had when I saw this.
MS Ward, made this collage of her family.
She is my sister.
Larry and I are on the upper right hand corner.
Digitized out.

But, just like anything else in life,
it is best to walk away from people who treat you like this.

People will treat you the way they feel about you.

My question is, 
why don't people treat Kanye like pariah he is?
One day, people will get sick and tired of his  actions
and then, they will walk away.

Love you.