Monday, February 9, 2015

I Felt Bad For Laughing

This past weekend was perfection.
The weather was like spring.
Saturday, we met Austin friends in Waco for dinner,
on Sunday we went out to get
 the ingredients for two gifts that I have to make. was time for Sunday dinner and movie.

We started dinner with THE salad.
{a family favorite}
 I think  homemade dressing makes the difference.

Dinner was...baked potato, green beans and rib eye steaks.
Yes, oh yes!
Larry had salad AND green beans yesterday!
I enjoyed dinner
The MOVIE!!!

Yesterday's feature movie was
The Voices
 Ryan Reynolds
Larry and I saw an interview,
where Ryan Reynolds talked about doing the "voices"
and this movie was on our list.

It was funny and creepy. 
I laughed, then felt bad for laughing.
Sally Struthers is in the movie too.

It was a good weekend end.
{Larry needed a good weekend}

Love you.

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