Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Hemingway Walk In Paris

Don't you like the word belated, instead of tardy?
It seems softer, in a way.
I have finally gotten more photos back from Fall Holiday.
Having surgery immediately upon returning home has put me behind.
 Just a wee bit.

Even though we go to France often, {18 years now}
there is so much we have yet to discover.

A few years ago, my good friend Rosemary,
sent a me a book on "Paris Walks".
Each year we choose a  walk out of this great book,
and map it out.
We take one day of our holiday
 and venture out into the city, ready to visit new places.

2014 was the year of the Hemingway Walk.
I had so much fun...and the dreary day sped by
 as we walked in the same steps as the great author.
Below are moments captured from our "Paris Walk Day".
This post is for Rosemary.

 We stared our walk at the flat where Hemingway
and Hadley lived.

The day was damp with showers off and on.
We really did not care.

We left 74 and headed to Gertrude Stein's flat.

We walked down this lovely street.
My heart beat fast.
This is where Gertrude and Alice lived.
I stood quietly,
imaging all of the artists who walked this same path.
I whispered a silent prayer.
It was a prayer of thanks for all of the amazing ART
that these creators left us.

My favorite street artist is
Jerome Messenger.
I saw some of his work on the Hemingway walk.
 There was a mean old begger lady right here.
I tried to take a photo and she yelled at me.
I yelled right back.
She smiled at Larry.
He gave her 5 Euro!
We watched her go to the Tobac shop.
Then we held hands and smiled.

This cafe is where Hemingway would go,
and write for hours.
I wonder if he drank the entire time that he wrote?

We stopped and bought sandwiches.
{and Larry bought me an amazing muffin!}
{the muffins!}

Sandwich and Orangina picnic 
Jardin du Luxembourg!
The Gardens were beautiful!
But check out this muffin!
I think that I dreamt about that muffin last night.

After lunch we wrote Matilda a post card.
It started raining but the day was still beautiful.

This was prettier in person....

It was a few hours after lunch when we passed this shop.
Larry went in and bought me bread...raisin bread that I saw in the window.
The raisin bread.

My Larry posed with the raisin bread.

We ended up on the "other side" of du Jardins.
This statue probably looks better in the summer?

Remember, I had not had surgery yet and my energy level was zero.
I was so tired and Larry thought that we could go home a different route.
Here comes the dreaded MAP!

He folded up the map...and said: lets get a taxi!
I love Larry so much!

On the way to the taxi stand I found....
Gnome rings!!!!
{Rosemary look!}

Then we stopped at the flower shop,
bought roses and caught our taxi.

The one photo I regret not getting:
a group of perhaps 20 gentlemen were playing chess in the Jardin.
It was classic and wonderful.
Next year, right?

Larry has chosen the 2015 walk already....
I cannot wait!

Thank you for being part of my walk...
Love you.