Thursday, January 29, 2015

Memories Are Good

Matilda Joyce came over yesterday.
Lauren, Matilda and I went to the lake and fed the ducks.
It was sunny and warm.
The ducks were hungry!

After feeding the ducks,
 I watched Matilda play with other children on the playground
and I remembered.
I remembered when Lars & Jami were little
learning to socialize with other children.

I saw Matilda's face as little boy snatched away an acorn.
I saw her face when a little girl GAVE her an acorn
I smiled when Matilda hugged her.

Lauren looked on, not saying a word.

Was it yesterday that my girls were on this playground?
I do not feel old and tired.
I feel happy and energetic.
Life is an amazing cycle.
The days are bright with the smiles of the ones I love
my heart sings remembering happy memories.

Past memories are good,
but making a memory is the BEST.

Have a wonderful Thursday!
Go make some memories today!
Love you.