Friday, January 30, 2015

Brand New

I walked to the lake this morning
was the only one there.
It was 41 degrees outside and sunny.
I do not use my phone while walking.
It is turned off.
It is my time to think, pray and be inspired.

The first time I came to this park was in 1981.
There was a skinny sidewalk around the lake and I waked it with my Mother.
Lauren was in a stroller.
We were on vacation , visiting from Memphis.

I am so blessed to live here now.
Walking from my house to this glorious park!

This park is a bird sanctuary now
I saw 3 blue heron feeding today.
They were beautiful.

Isn't it interesting how one hour alone...
with no interruptions, can make you feel brand new?
it is Friday!
Happy Friday where ever you might be....
Love you.