Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I am in bed sending you this message. Fingers crossed and spit into the wind it gets posted to the blog perfectly.

Last Friday I had surgery. It lasted two and half hours and went very well. The doctor took out one third of my thyroid. My parathyroid was embedded in part of my thyroid and they took it out. It is being biopsied right now. It was biopsied last month and was benign, so I'm not worried about it this second time around.

I have a one inch incision at the base of my neck. And the incision doesn't hurt, but up inside my neck does. I was having good days, but today is kind of a stinky day. I have not had narcotic pain medicine since Saturday. Tylenol Extra Strength for me from now on!

Thank you  for your text messages, emails, notes on Facebook and Christmas cards. I don't know what I did to deserve such wonderful friends.

I am having a bad day so I'm back in bed reading and resting.

Have a happy wonderful day. Time for a short nap.
Love you, me.

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