Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Happy Tuesday!
Larry's birthday yesterday was a success!
Last Friday we had a dinner party at Al Biernet's,
Saturday was the ballet~ The Nutcracker.
Sunday was going with Matilda to visit Santa 
and then lunch and games at Dave and Busters.
Yesterday, Dec 8, Larry's real birthday, he worked.
I baked his favorite pie and for dinner,
turkey and all of the trimmings.
I set dinner up so we could eat in the room with the Christmas tree.
It was so perfect.
He had the best day ever.
I love birthdays.
I will be away for a short while.
{thus the Umbrella Girl}
Not sure how long or if  I might pop in once and awhile.
But I wish you happy pre~Christmas days filled with fun and love.
Love you,