Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Beyond L'Ecoute

It is really two days until Christmas.
Right this moment,
I am  eating cinnamon sugar toast on Italian bread.

Yesterday I wrapped every  gift in the house.
It took me hours, but it is done.

One more gift to buy. Larry's.
Larry I know that you read the blog every day
 so don't expect me to spill a secret or two.

Libby is still sleeping and is not interested in her food today.
Maybe it is the rain?
I would love to still be in bed too if I could get away with it.

I did not take any photos yesterday.
I did get hard copies of my France photos and relived our holiday once again
 as I reminisced my way through the images.

Flashback: Paris
November 18th, 2014

I had found my way to La Droguerie.
It is the most amazing yarn shop in Paris. {or anywhere else for that matter}
I went inside and was so overwhelmed and tired,
{i was pre-surgery during the trip and had a few ill moments} 
I needed to go outside. Fresh air.
Luckily, L'Ecoute was right across the courtyard.
I sat and watched people taking pictures with the sculpture
 by Henri de Miller.
Watching people is the best thing in the world.
It reminds me that I am just me.
I can be and do anything I want in this world.
Next year maybe I will have my photo taken with L'Ecoute.
A happy, strange photo that will do the sculpture justice.

After I started feeling better,
 I went back into La Droguerie and bought yarn for Jami.
A beautiful blue wool. I cannot wait to see what she makes out of it.

While checking out, I met the nicest woman.
She spoke very good English and shared her first experience at La Droguerie with me.
It was not unlike mine I am glad to say.
She also told me about a shop in Montmarte that sells one yard cuts of designer fabrics.
Can you imagine Dior fabric for 2e a miter?
I found the shop while on the hill and it is on my list to return to next year.
I am going with projects in mind and ready to create!

It is still pouring.
I better get going and get my errands done.

Have a wonderful day.
Remember, we can be anything we imagine ourselves being.
Love you beyond L'Ecoute.