Monday, December 22, 2014

Family Christmas Picnic

Yesterday we had our annual family Christmas Picnic.
{formally known as the Christmas High Tea}
We voted and decided to go to the same location. {the Dallas Arboretum}
But have a picnic instead of tea.
Larry arranged everything since I was post surgery.
He did an amazing job.
Thank you Larry.

I took my camera, but Lauren got the best shots of the day.
She said that I could use some of them here on the blog.
Thank you Lauren for sharing.

Larry took this shot of Josh, Lars and Matilda.
It makes me smile.

These two love each other so much.
They are kindred spirits.

Jamison insisted that Lauren take a pic of  us.
We are smiling!

I am wrapping gifts today and and doing Laundry.
There is something calm here at the house....
Oh yes! It must be me!
I am feeling wonderful.
One week from today I will see Doc Bailey, get results of tests
he can peek at my awesome incision.

I am looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday....
love you.