Monday, December 1, 2014

Being Home Is Happy and Sad

Larry and I are home from Holiday.
Our time away this year was extraordinary.
So many magical moments, 
that I cannot count and might be to intimate to share.
The image above was taken at the Rodin Musee.
Autumn arrived in Paris when we did.
The leaves fluttered and danced at our feet.
We walked, went to concerts (God bless you Emanuel Ax)
Visited the American Church In Paris
went to the circus where elephants were the hit of the show.

I have been home about 12 hours.
My mind is a muddle with such important moments in Paris.
The kind lady from DC wanted to talk to us during dinner.
I missed Amber while at the Rodin.
At Tribeca Cafe, Paul sent us Champagne.
Larry did not leave my side for almost 2 weeks.
We walked home after the concert at Salle Pleyel, 
talking and kissing the entire way home.
A workman asked me for directions to la Poste. I told him! In FRENCH!!
(and he understood)
We enjoyed moments...not just events.

I must be home.
I can hear the washer swishing vacation clothes.
Home....Home Sweet Home.
But, I left part of my heart in Paris this year.
Love you.
PS: Rambling, jet lag posts are always amusing. At least to me. :-)