Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dear Emma Bridgewater

I am sitting, drinking hot chocolate.
French music is playing on my Ipod.
Dear Emma Bridgewater, I love my new mug.
 {found at a tea shop while in France}

205 pictures from Holiday, have been uploaded.
They look great!
They will be on Flickr soon.Stay tuned.

On the first day in Paris, Larry and I go to church.
We prayed for friends and friends of friends who needed remembered in a special way.
We always start the trip like this.
Cathedral of Notre Dame.
This is how it looked on the night of prayers.
We lit candles and then sat for awhile.
The quiet was inspiring.

 Larry asked if I was hungry.
Ok, go on. Smile.
This is my favorite. A banana Nutella crepe.
That is Larry in line getting me an Orangeina.
He IS the perfect man.

Prayers are an important part of my day.
I trust in God and my Faith to share it wherever I am.
Please remember,
you don't have to be in church to pray.
Whisper good things wherever you are.

After the snack, we went home and got the greeting cards ready to mail.
The post card on top 
was for Matilda of course.

Have you ever noticed that the more simple you make things
the more you absorb and appreciate them?

Are you getting ready for the holidays?
I send crushing hugs to you
 as you prepare for the celebrations that touch you and your family most.

December 2.
Smiling today!
Love you.