Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Being A Good Sport

I was sitting, eating my dinner when he sat at our table.
The patio was cool and I had on a dress and a hoodie.
Dinner was perfect and I was drinking sangria. YUM.

He said: I can hardly look at you wearing that hoodie.
I looked down.
It was my Philadelphia Eagles hoodie.
{I was born in Philly and bought the hoodie one cold day last year}
I said: I had forgotten that I had it on.
He said:You know, I will never go to a game in Philadelphia.
I said: OH?
He said: They are the rudest fans in the world.
I said: You know that I am a Cowboys fan, right?

I guess not. Because....
He went on and on about how rude Philadelphia is.
I sat quietly 
my mind was screaming!
Like when a person says they cannot look at you
 because of an Eagles hoodie you have on?

I have been thinking about this.
It is always so easy to make fun of and criticize others,
but until you have lived their life
you have no idea what battles they might be fighting in their hearts.

Two weeks ago,
Komen asked me to be part of the human pink ribbon
{half time show}
at the Cowboys home game on Sunday.
There were 60 survivors and a guest 
going to make up the pink ribbon.
I was so honored to have been asked...but Larry and I had another commitment. 

Two of my favorite things.
Mammograms for early breast cancer detection
The Cowboys!

Being a good sport means 
allowing others to like their favorite teams without harassment. 

Ok, enough about sports.
Ask me what my favorite brand of oil paints are.

Love you to Cowboys Stadium and back.