Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Memories Can Touch Your Day

As I thought about the blog this morning,one thing would not leave my mind.
Please let me ramble and reminisce?
Highly personal memories.....

On Valentines Day of 1977 Larry Tolbert proposed to me.
We talked about rings.
We talked about dates.
Weddings, elopements.
We even talked about getting married at the Chesterfield, VA Courthouse.
Norman insisted on one thing.
That we get married in church.
Providence Road United Methodist Church was our family church.

After location was settled, I asked Mother to make my dress.
She and I did not go look at wedding dresses in stores.
In fact, she did not go to the fabric store and look at patterns with me.
I went alone, hoping that I was planning this thing correctly.
This is what I chose.
Remember, it was 1977.
It was a very expensive pattern for back then.
I paid for it myself.
It came with a silk, Oscar De La Renta label 
to be placed in the finished garment.
Mother approved and we went together to buy the fabric.
It totaled $50-some dollars.

Because the wedding was so small,
Larry and I opted for the small chapel on the back of the property of the church.
It was charming.
I loved it.
I just wanted to be married to Larry.

This is everyone that came to the wedding.
Except for my brother in law, Dave Arthur. He took the photograph.
August 20th, 1977 12:00 noon.
(mother told me that it was good luck to get married 
with the hands of the clock pointing upward)

As I remember Oscar De La Renta today,

I wonder if he ever thought 
about the brides whom he touched with his ART?
Memories are such interesting things.
Memories can touch your day and make you smile all of the while.

M. De La Renta, may the angels guide you to your resting place.
Thank you for being part of one of the most important moments of my life.

Love you.


Amber Moralis said...

thank you for sharing all of these wonderful details! I love your dress.