Monday, September 8, 2014

Harvest Moon

Happy Monday!
I almost hate that the weekend is over,
but today holds many, busy, special things.
This morning, I will go to Texas Oncology.
I go early, to have all of the regular blood work done.
{once you have cancer, Drs want to keep checking to see if you have it back or anywhere else. It is crazy. They are obnoxious about it.
I will not complain though.}
Dr S  and I will visit and laugh. He is my favorite DR.
What is it about people who smile often?
Have you ever wondered how your smile effects people?
I bet it does, for the good!
Tonight, at 9:39 the full moon will be at its peak.
 It is the Harvest Moon!
Do you know what that means?
Here it is, my favorite Neil video...
enjoy Harvest Moon by the Man.
Happy Harvest Moon.
Think of me tonight when you look at the orb.
 Me! Still cancer free!
Love you.