Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Vacation Memory

The full harvest moon last night, took my breath away.
After a long day yesterday,
I looked at the moon and felt calm and at ease.
Yesterday was filled with DRs, blood work, shots 
and talking a lot about cancer.
I am still in remission.
My diagnosis is:
A long productive life, filled with love and joy!

It is still difficult being home from vacation.
I miss the "Cottage" in Poip'u.
The mornings, as I woke, I could hear the sea, 
and local birds sang good morning to me.
Our time away was so wonderful.
Almost perfect.
When I was finished vomiting,  Larry said: Look! A rainbow! It means good luck!
I took this picture with my phone that was in my pocket.
For many years I had always wanted to go by catamaran
to the Napali Coast, Kaua'i.
It is so mysterious and beautiful.
The folklore about the region is charming,
and I dreamt about it for years.
I am not quite sure why we waited till this year to go,
I was so excited.
Beside myself excited.
We traveled on a new ship,
The Northern Star.
(2 million dollars worth of catamaran)
4 hour tour with a gourmet dinner included.
It did not take long for me to start feeling ill.
And it took a couple of hours for me to feel the need to
go to the back of the ship and hang over the rail,
vomiting for 45 min.
It was pretty awful.
I never get motion sick.
What on earth was this?
Ok, you can laugh....but I was mortified.
After my tummy started to settle down,
The crew and Captain kept close tabs on me...
continually making sure I was ok.
Larry found this all quite amusing, taking pictures
enjoying himself as if I was not sick at all.
Thinking back on this, I have to smile.
It was part of my experience.
But it kind of pisses me off,
{excuse my French}
that it took 60 years for me to get motion sick.
The best thing of all,
during times like that,
you always meet and are touched by the most wonderful people.
That in itself, is a blessing.
I hope that you do not have to get sick before you meet wonderful people today.
Perhaps you are the wonderful person who can touch someone in need?
 I have not shared much about our holiday this year.
This is the first of many {wonderful?}moments.
Stay tuned!
Love you,