Friday, September 23, 2011

Please Slow Down

It really is not a secret.
I love a picnic.
There is always an excuse to have a picnic.
To me, a picnic is a celebration of life.
it takes almost no effort at all to pack
sandwich and drink
go to a favorite spot and enjoy.
Last night we went picnicking.
Pizza and wine in hand.
a perfect spot was found,
and we enjoyed an evening in the almost autumn air.
Before long we were joined by a few hundred of our best friends.
It was an evening of music, friends, and good food.
Will you celebrate the first weekend of Autumn?
My life has been very full this summer.
The days seemed to skip past
 before I have a chance to absorb the beauty and joy.
I am trying to slow things down, but the harder I try,
the faster things go.
I am beginning to believe that things
will always be like this now.
I kind of hate that.
Time to put on my running shoes.
Love you.