Friday, August 26, 2011

Taking A Deep Breath

Take Off
I woke so early. Going back to sleep was NOT an option.
So, I checked the mouse traps. washed my hair,and got ready to leave for the airport. Everything on my to do list was crossed off.
Our flight leaves at 10:50am. Honolulu hear we come!
Molly was the puppet of choice to accompany me.
The trip was interesting, almost uneventful.
We switched into auto and made our way west.
The flight was odd.
The man in the blue blazer with the huge white buttons gave me the willies.
I needle pointed, read, and watched the movie "Arthur"
We played Scrabble.
Guess who won? ME!

We arrived in Lihue.
I went to baggage claim, while Larry picked up the car.
I had my shopping list ready, and we stopped to buy groceries on the way to the cottage.
I LOVE the cottage.
It is small, has no A/C.
I open the shutters and windows, when we arrive.
Sea air, hits my face with gusto.
I take a deep breath.
I hear the ocean.
Our Lanai is the same size ad the living room.
The view of the ocean is amazing,
it stays in my memory for 50 weeks of the year.
Sometimes, when things go bad or sad,
I go to that memory.
I am always happy at the cottage.
Together, the moments become content and forever.
I am at my favorite place in the entire world.
On the Hawaiian Airlines part of the terminal,
the girl bathrooms are PINK
The palest pink....
I like to think that it is a throw back to an
"Anne Margaret" era.
Love you beyond the beehive hairstyle,