Monday, August 29, 2011

Still At The Cottage

At home.
Usually I love coming home.
Gathering my family around me
and sleeping in my own bed
are the simple joys.
I do not know exactly what is wrong,
 I wish that I were still at the cottage.
(above: I watched the sun rise each morning in Poip'u)
How wonderful is it to escape reality for a matter of time,
pretending that your life consists only of watching sunrises,
meeting friends, eating wonderful food, hiking,
and being in a place of such beauty
 that it takes your breath away.
Perhaps I was not ready to return to reality quite so soon.
I am home, and it is Monday
that means laundry.
Wow. :-(
I better find some exercise clothes and get a strong walk in.
May today's reality be happy for you.
Love you beyond the sunrise.