Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taking The Jump

It has finally arrived.
The dreaded weekend.
Larry left this morning for work,
 I have no idea when I will see him again.
This is the weekend of the big conversion
that will merge two companies into one.
The corporate gurus are in town,
everything is in place,
much like an Evil Knievel jump.
Everything is ready, but you are not sure how it go.
(one salesman is driving down from OK City to
spend the night in Dallas,just in case)
That is true loyalty.
Fingers crossed and spit into the wind....
It is still HOT outside.
That blasted mouse is still a house guest.
Today is my"off" day and I will not be walking.
Because I will be alone so much of the weekend I have
downloaded books and will Kindle it up!
(IF Larry is free tomorrow night, we have reservations for dinner-
but my hopes have been dashed)
If this is a transitional weekend for you also,
I wish you a smooth jump,
If you are supporting someone taking a jump this weekend,
I wish you patience.
Off I go to feed Libby, and....
merde, I do not know what I wil do today.
Perhaps I should walk after all?
Love you.




Yojimbo said...

Every day is like a transitional day these days. It is just a dread and wonder of what is going to happen next. I have learned not to care what really might happen. Oh and aren't you not to spit into the wind?