Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leonardo da Vinci Painting Discovered

A Leonardo da Vinci painting found because of a 500 year old fingerprint? This is totally amazing for me. The talent that I admire is renewed in this new painting. Fingers crossed and spit into the wind, that the new owner will let us see it now and again. A few years ago, I spent an afternoon at the da Vinci home, Chateau du Clos-Luce. A gift from King Francis to Leonardo, and by the Loire, the pink brick home enchanted me. Visitors are allowed in the upstairs bedroom where Leonardo died. The simple drawings on the walls, and inventions hanging here and there from high ceilings, makes the house more inspirational than cozy. The gardens near the home are cared for and warm. The entire estate felt like a painting that I was allowed to enter.
A few acres of garden, hold inventions and mysteries that Leonardo found interesting. It was a foggy day when I visited, but it did not lessen the experience.
Clos Lucé is one of the jewels of the Renaissance. It is the only chateau to have been built of both brick and tufa stone, extracted from the region's quarries. It is also one of the best furnished residences in the Val de Loire. Except for where he was born in Vinci, Le Clos Lucé was the only home of Leonardo da Vinci. In fact, Leonardo da Vinci spent his life between Florence, Milan and Rome, offering his services as engineer, architect and artist to the rulers of the day, who acted as his protectors. He lived at Le Clos Luce for 3 years before his death.
Leonardo's kitchen (the old guardroom) then the great Council Chamber, the underground rooms where the 40 machines can be seen and Leonardo da Vinci's bedchamber and, last but not least, the chapel and its frescoes, have, one by one, been restored to the way they used to look.
Amboise is built on the Loire, about twenty kilometers east of Tours.
It was my favorite day during holidays that year....we left le Clos Luce and spent the remainder of the day in a wine cave with Larry's cousin and friends. There is nothing like dinner in a damp old cave...AFTER spending the day at Leonardo's home that is.
Email me if you need directions.
As for that new painting....I am still enthralled. Please God, let me see it one day.
Love you.
~PS: I have journaled about Leonardo before. Forgive me for sharing again, but this new painting thrills me. Thank you for taking time to peek at my words. LUM

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this Chateau sounds wonderful! And the new painting...that is a dream. Love from Italy, Amber