Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A few weeks ago, Larry came to me with an idea. I smiled. After doing research, I found a design.... so yesterday, we went to Elm Street Tattoos http://www.elmstreettattoo.com/ and shared an experience. I was not nervous or upset. Mark, our artist was wonderful and understood why we chose HONU and why we wanted the same artist to do both of the tats.
(Robin above) While on Kauai, Larry and I stay in a cottage near Turtle Cove. (the south shore) We spend afternoons sitting on the lanai, sipping wine and watching the Great Green Sea Turtles rest on the rocky bank . Green Sea Turtles have been on the endangered list for awhile now, but we often see Honu with tumors and deformed fins, as it will take many years to make them whole and healthy again. Our passion starts there.... thus the tats....
(Larry above)
When I took Larry's bandage off today.....this tiny HONU is what I found. Kismet. Larry and I shared yet one more experience together....I cannot wait to baptise our HONU in the Pacific Ocean....making the experience complete.
What one experience would you like to share with someone?
I love you.

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wow! happy birthday! xoxox