Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hands Of Artists

I woke up this morning, feeling wonderful.
My body and soul is renewed from being at the beach,
life feels tremendous.

 Yesterday, we had a small visitor.
I was so happy to see him, that I took his photo.
We had put our feeders out late this year
had almost no visitors.
Until, yesterday, finally!
And he was hungry!

Talking about hungry...
While on Kaua'i, I became intrigued with noodles.
Last night, I treated Larry to a  bowl of homemade noodles.
We drank Storyteller wine with it.
It was so good and so much fun.
I am trying to resist making noodles every week
we will get sick of them.
But, I have a dozen ideas for our next noodle dinner
cannot wait to try it.

Hands of artists bring us beauty,
Giving form and sound to dreams...
Other hands enrich our lives too,
breaking bread and sewing seams.
~Rebecca McCann~

I am off to work to work on 
Matilda's flower girl dress.
Sewing seams!
Love you,