Thursday, September 8, 2016

One Way Or Another

Yesterday, My Larry had a meeting in Ft Worth.
I tagged along with him.

The exhibit of The Brothers Le Nain will leave on Sunday
I got to see it one more time.
{at the Kimbell}

The last time I saw the exhibit, I was with Matilda.
Yesterday I was alone.
Taking in each and every painting as 
the afternoon passed.

It is interesting how our personal perceptions
change to the environment.
I noticed different things when I was with Matilda
than when I was alone.

 I have a favorite piece at every exhibit I go to.
It is the focal point for my wandering through 
a museum exhibit.

I loved my moments yesterday.

We had dinner out before we returned home.
I continued chattering about my afternoon
while Larry quietly reflected on his meetings.

On a personal note,
I have left Face Book.
It was nothing personal against any one person.
It was just time for me go.
The funny thing is that I do not miss it.
But I do miss my favorite people
and their updates.

It is interesting that since I do not post the link
to BLOG each day on Face Book,
the count of people who visit here  has dropped.
{was the convenience of the link 
the only reason people read the blog?}
Larry said, if they are truly interested,
they will find the blog one way or another.
Time will tell.

Have a happy day.
Enjoy the moments and share your joy.
Life is so amazing.
Love you.