Wednesday, June 22, 2016


On my birthday, I was given a book.
Title: The Complete Cheerful Cherub
Rebecca McCann

This wonderful book is from my beast friend, Lara.
I pick it up, look at it, read it.
It makes me smile.

There are little drawings and verse
copyrighted in 1933
 was owned by a teacher named,
Marie Mitchell.

You can see the verse above and cherub....
but here is the verse that I like today:

Power Of Silence

The power of words
is great.

It can move the
stubbornest will---

But sometimes I envy more

The power of keeping still.

~rebecca mccann~

Thank you Lara. I love this book.

I will say a bientot now...
my campers will arrive soon.
Happy Happy Wednesday.
Love you.