Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The mundane struggles of a housewife
have hit full force this week.

This rainy Texas spring,
makes each day move in slow motion.

Libby threw up this morning,
so we sat on the deck for a few moments after.

Rain was in the air 
and thunder was in the clouds.

Larry bought me daises last Saturday.
Daisy plants for the deck.

My Larry.
A favorite subject.

He works very hard
and loves even more so.

Lauren is working through her grief.
My oldest daughter is a ball of positive energy.

Jamison will be starting a new job soon.
Her journey of discovery is awesome to watch.

And I,
must concentrate better and accomplish more.

"The rose has but a summer reign, the daisy never dies."
~James Montgomery~

Love you beyond the petals.