Tuesday, May 17, 2016

One More Cookie Please

Last night, Larry and I went to see Lars, Josh & Matilda.
It had been perhaps 12 hours since dear Mitzu had died.

The house was very quiet.
Lauren's eyes were sad, 
Josh was tired, 
but showed us beautiful movies that he had taken in Paris
Ma Cherie, Matilda.
Oh, my sweet granddaughter.
She played and ate cookies 
(cookies cheer her up like they cheer me up)
The look in her eyes showed her pain
the wonderful girl kept just being a 4 year old,
informing me on more than one occasion
that Mitzu had died.
I said: yes ma cherie, I know.
Josh is a wonderful father.
When he came home from work, he brought Matilda 
a new book.
We all looked at this book and almost cried.

After seeing the book, Lauren had to go to a community meeting.
Larry said: Sorry, I cannot read that book tonight.
Josh said: Robi, YOU can read the new book to Matilda.
I said: Ok, Matilda, brush your teeth and I will read.

we were sitting on Matilda's bed.
It was cozy and sweet.
I was reading this beautiful book to her
and half-way through, she got up and runs 
into the living room where Larry and Josh were hiding out.
I thought that this charming book had upset her.
I had a lump the size of a grapefruit in my throat
as I followed her to see what was wrong.

Josh said: Robi, did you hear what Matilda told me?
I said: No!
Josh said: Matilda said that the book is boring!
We all started laughing.
It was time for one more cookie.

Cookies can make you smile.
Love you beyond the Snicker-doodles.