Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Texas!

Finally! It is Monday!
It is a brand new week and perhaps 
it will be a better week than last week.

Jamison and Jared's house is being rebuilt.
The massive hail storm hit it like a bomb.
{I am sorry, I do not have pictures}
But, please think good thoughts for them.
They have been struggling for awhile.

Lauren, Josh and Matilda have returned home 
from being away one month.
This is Matilda on the day she left for France.

This is the family, leaving for France...

This is sick Matilda home this weekend from Paris.
She was motion sick on the way home.
{10 hour flight}
Lucky Lauren had packed her PJ'S.

 Here is Bat Girl.
Feeling better for a moment to say: Hello Texas!
Larry was leaving for a meeting this morning and I took this picture.
The dog bite is getting better every day.
I call his hand "The Claw"...
...I do not like him touching me with it.
This brand new week has all the makings of being special.
Two dear friends are coming to Texas from out of town.
It is also, Book Club and Mothers Day.
Larry gets his stitches out 
 it is Scarborough Fair weekend for us in Waxahachie.

One day at a time, right?
One thing that I am glad about it is,
my daughters and their loved ones are safe.
Blessings come in such wonderful ways.
Love you.