Monday, April 4, 2016

Gary Shandling!

Last week, 
one of my favorite comedians passed away.
Gary Shandling.

He was funny and honest.
He had TV shows 
was often a guest on shows.
His sense of humor was not like the 
embarrassing humor of the 2000's.
{yes, I saw TRAIN-WRECK
and why did the adorable 
Amy Schumer make that awful movie?}

Gary Shandling was one of my favorites
and he will be for a long time.

He had a disease called Hyperparathyroidism.
He must have suffered terribly with it.
It is an awful disease that is disguised 
by its many symptoms.
It is probable that his heart attack 
was caused by his Hyperparathyroidsim.

I loved Gary Shandlings humor.
It was sad for me to hear of his passing.
It tore my heart out to hear of his disease.
You see, it is the same thing I suffered with
for many years until I had surgery last year.

I wish I could have spoken to him about it.
We could have started a club.
{you can smile}

Rest well Mr Shandling.
I bet you feel wonderful now.
Love you.