Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dog Bites Man

Staying true to the crazy week that we are having,
yesterday, Larry was bitten by a dog.
The dog, a pit bull mix, tried to jump our 6' fence 
into the garden.
During this attempt, she got caught between the slats
was hanging.
Larry heard her cries and  went to get her down.
She bit him.
One huge gash and 8 punctures.
At emergency,
 the DR told Larry 
that if the gash had been on the underside of his wrist,
his life would have been in danger.
So, he was stitched up and got a brand new tetanus shot.
Last night, I put him to bed,
opened a bottle of wine and relaxed.
Notice the two pug dogs begging from him.
The day ended with minor disruption 
Larry will be fine.
He has antibiotics and is in pain today, but is managing it.
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.
Larry is doing well and so is Pepper, the dog he saved.
{she is in quarantine for 10 days but is current on all of her shots}
 What do they say in the old movies?
All is  well, that ends well.
Love you,