Monday, March 14, 2016

Lovely Weekend

Wasn't the weekend fabulous?
The weather was fine,
my work (ART-wise) was productive
I am HOME.

Yesterday was the 5th Sunday of Lent.
We continued with our promise to attend church 
each week of this Holy Season.
After church we went to dinner at Anne and John's home.
{Anne, I had looked forward to it all week}
The table was beautiful.
Bluebonnets reminding us that spring is here,

Our meal was perfection

...the cherry tarts were amazing.
The entire lunch was so good.
I think that I may have dreamt about it last night.

The best part of our afternoon was visiting.
Anne and John are such special people.
Larry and I enjoy them very much.
Thank you Anne and John! You will be getting a real thank you in the mail.

 After dinner Larry and I walked 4 miles.
I really did not want to but,
I did eat a lot of amazing food at dinner.
Then we came home to watch our Sunday Movie.

I have seen it before a few times.
{and loved it, I might add}
BUT Larry had never seen it!
How on earth did THAT happen?
Well, we watched it yesterday evening.
We decided to watch while at dinner with Anne and John.
One guest at the party, Betty,
 played Rosie the maid in the movie.
Larry fessed up that he had never seen it.
So, we watched it.
Larry was thrilled to see Betty in the movie
he became very emotional at the end of the movie.
{have you ever seen it?
 I will not spoil it for you in case you have not}

After the movie, Larry held me in his arms
and whispered 

Isn't it wonderful how God sends special people into your life?
Thank you Anne, John and Betty.
It was  a lovely afternoon.
Love you,