Thursday, December 3, 2015

No Words~ Photos of Memorial In Paris France

Good Morning.
My plans for today, 
were to post photos of the memorial in Paris,
 to the victims of the horrendous attack a few weeks ago.
Then, yesterday another attack took place in CA.
I feel heart sick.
But, I promised to stay true to my heart
and not let anything frighten me,
I shall post my photos today.

This memorial is in our old neighborhood in Paris.
We have been visiting the city for many years.
Our daughters would play in this square.
Now Larry and I go alone since the Girls are grown women.
 One sunny morning in Paris,
Larry and I got off of the METRO.
Our old neighborhood, was filled with love and support.
Place de la Republique...our old home;
See old neighborhood here

I had no words as I walked around Lady Liberty.
Just tears.

Below is my favorite memorial.
It says so much without saying anything at all.

I keep thinking of the memorials that will take place in 
San Bernardino, CA

I still have no words.
Love you.