Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Netflix and Needlepoint

Today, I blocked Matilda's Christmas stocking.
After working on it for so long, all the tiny stitching is complete.
This is 18~20 stitch to the inch canvas.

I have fabric for the backing and lining of the stocking.
That process will start as soon as the blocked canvas is ready.

Last week, during the last of the stitching
Larry was in Florida for a week working,
I worked on it, a lot.
I would come to the work table,
turn on my lap top...and pull up Netflix.
I watched movies while I worked.
There were rules to the movie I would choose.
1. It had to be a movie I had never seen before.
2. It had to be an INDY movie
Here is the list of movies I watched:

Grace Of Monoco
Madame Bovary
After The Wedding
St Ives

I will not tell you if I liked any of them or not,
I can tell you one thing.
I got Matilda's stocking finished during the process.

What is it, about finishing a project?
That wonderful feeling of accomplishment
that makes you feel good 
and is 
like a crushing hug from a friend.

Can you hear me sigh?
Love you beyond a crushing hug.