Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Beach Life

Each day, waking at the beach, was a joy.
We walked, talked, remembered and planned.

One morning I made the comment that
 the toads were huge {and wild} this year.
You can hear them croaking at sunset...wooing their lovers.
One morning, we saw a huge toad while taking a walk.
I took his picture.
{why do I call all toads Him?}
Here he is,
 all fat, with morning island shadows.
 I have not seen a toad this big in ages.

We walked on, sharing the sunny morning with 
others walkers and joggers.
Four miles went fast.

We were headed back to the cottage to clean up for the day.

As I turned the corner, guess who I saw?
Yes! Mr Toad!
I ran over and snapped a close up of his adorable face.
After taking his portrait,
I asked Larry: I wonder why he has not moved?
Larry walked over to him and tapped him with his foot.
Oh my.
Mr Toad was dead.
This made me so sad.
I felt awful for taking his death photo.
{but I thought that he was alive}
Look how cute he was.

Beach life is not for the faint of heart.
Love you.