Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Moments:The 4th Of July

Larry and I had the BEST 4th of July celebration.
Lauren, Josh & Matilda hosted us.
Dinner, swimming and fireworks.
Who could ask for anything more?

Josh grilled dinner.
Spectacular, as usual.

Matilda had her annual {birthday} photo shoot with Champagne.
She will be 4 years old this month.

Larry Let his hair down, literally.
{it was a relaxing, wonderful evening}

Miss Matilda and a marshmallow.
Marshmallow should be her middle name.
She loves them.

My Champagne glass was the one with a snail marker.
I love glass markers.

Lars is such a good photographer.
Even with her phone, she takes quality shots.
{I adore her work}

The sunset was beautiful.
I was reminded of why we were celebrating.
It was a perfect 4th of July.

Next celebration: Matilda's 4th Birthday!

Love you.

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