Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Still Wish

It is dreary again today in Texas.
Gray clouds hold the promise of a sweet rain
 to soak the fertilizer into the garden,
these gloomy days are playing a number on my spirit.
I wish I were at the apartment in
It isn't often that I wish to escape
today is one of those days.
I wish...oh well...

The reality is:
Today the laundry is being done.
Yesterday, laundry day was interrupted by a funeral.
{I will share more later this week}
There is a canvas on the easel.
A painting for Larry.
My work area is a disgrace,
but I like it.

GUESS who is visiting me?
Dear pug dog Mitzu.
She is the sweetest girl.

Libby pug dog loves Mitzu.
Poor Libby threw up twice this morning, after drinking water.
Mitzu is wondering what is going on here!

Yesterday I walked 3.8 miles.
It felt wonderful.
I will walk three times this week and next week.
{slowly increasing the miles per week}
I am 8 pounds up from the day I had surgery
plan to get them off soon.

My Easter flowers are still happy.
I guess I better be happy too.
The sun just came out! YAY!
Maybe it's not so gloomy today after all,
I still wish that I were in France.
Oh well...
à bientôt 
Love you!