Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Pretended

Yesterday was a sick day.
I pretended that I was ok, but by 4:00pm, 
I was so sick that I called Dr L.
He cannot see me till tomorrow.
I can swallow today, but my throat still hurts.
I bet tomorrow I will be all better.
{Murphy's Law, right?}

The picture above was taken last summer.
Larry and I had escaped the cottage and went sailing.
The sun was setting and I can still smell the sea.
That memory makes me feel marvelous.
What makes you feel happy and well?

Have a great day.
Love you.


Sheri A said...

Sorry to welcome you to the sore throat brigade. I have been battling it and bronchitis for a couple of days. Just got to the doc yesterday myself and got lots of drugs. Still coughing my head off and throat is sore, but I am feeling less fatigued and more myself.

A memory I go back to is my first catamaran ride in Ma'alea Bay, Maui...we were on a snorkel expedition and what started as pure fear when I boarded the tiny cat turned into pure bliss!

Judy Dils said...

Hope you feel better soon

Robin said...

Feel better Sheri! Thanks Judy. I see the DR today. Ready to feel better.XOX