Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hello Tuesday

It is a foggy day here today.
I have a sore throat that is driving me crazy.
Libby refuses to eat 
it is the anniversary of my Beloved Uncle Bruce's Death.

To say that I am edgy is an understatement.

Yesterday was my 6 month check at the oncologist.
I continue to be cancer free at 2 1/2 years!

Ok, enough of my current affairs.
This past weekend started with Matilda's ballet recital.
Matilda is on the far left.
She was brilliant at the recital.
I was in awe of the little ballerinas in tutus.
Music from The Little Mermaid was playing as the girls
went through each position.
 Matilda leapt and danced.
Sometimes she forgot what she should be doing.
Often, the ballerinas were patient and anxious to dance.
Matilda was amazing. She was the perfect 3 year old ballerina.
Larry and I gave Matilda a jar filled with jelly beans .
That darn jar was heavy!

Matilda is joining soccer now.
I wish soccer teams had recitals too.
{There is something so special about a ballerina}

As I close this post,
I remember one of the greatest men I have ever known.
Bruce Stevenson.
He took me under his wing when I needed it most.
I believe that God sends people to you when you need them in your life.
When I was without "family", this generous, loving man
came into my life.
Into our lives I should say, as Larry,Lauren & Jamison 
needed him as much as I did.
I said good bye to him on this day,5 years ago.
I miss him every day.
"Hey Bruce, text me"
{personal joke}
Love you.


Sheri A said...

What a MARVELOUS series of photos of Mathilda's ballet recital! She is such a cutie pie.

Robin said...

Sheri! Thank you! It was a fun day for Matilda and me too! XOX