Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pay It Forward With Girl Scout Cookies

I made it to Sunday morning.
This past week was a doozie and I am glad that it is over.

Winter is coming back to Dallas with a vengeance today.
Cold Temps and ice are predicted.

I must say, My Larry is amazing.
Here is a short story.
For Lent, Larry gave up all cookies. {his favorite thing}
I gave up FaceBook.
Because I had to post an apology on FaceBook after Fat Tuesday...
well, I gave up all cookies too.
While at the market on Friday a Girl Scout approached us
 asking us to buy cookies. {one box is $5}
I explained that we gave up cookies for Lent.
She smiled.
We did our shopping and on our way out the doors,
 I saw Larry get his wallet out.
He held $15.00 in his hand and said to the little Girl Scout:
I would like to buy a box of cookies for my Granddaughter 
and give you this 15 dollars.
When you see 2 families with some children,
 I would like you to give them each a box of cookies.
I love Larry.

I am honored to be in his life.
There are not many men like My Larry around.

Have a blessed day.
Smile will lighten your heart.
Love you.