Monday, December 29, 2014

The Last Monday Of 2014

I took this photo on Christmas eve.
(don't you love how pansies bloom in winter?)
The family met for breakfast and then we went antiquing.
It is just what we do every year...and I loved every moment.

 On Saturday,
 there was a benefit concert in Ft Worth.
We went to diner (Pacific Table)
then to the absolute best jazz concert I have been to in ages.
Freddie Jones is THE jazz trumpet player.
(at least I think so)
He is a great man and an amazing talent.
If you watch or go to the Dallas Cowboys home games,
 he is the artist who plays the National Anthem.

Today is the last Monday of 2014.
Have you been daydreaming about what 2015 will hold for you?
A brand new year.
I have the feeling that it is going to be the best year ever.
Love you.