Thursday, October 20, 2011

Somewhere Between The Rodin and The Eiffel

Are you bored yet?
The amusing thing is,
I can listen to stories about other peoples travels for hours.
Listening to HOW people travel is much like
seeing how they picnic or entertain
and are defining moments for sure.
I will be going away soon.
Me a weekend in San Antonio, Larry a week in FLA.
Then we shall meet and fly far away to drink wine, stroll,
eat good food and  enjoy each other.
The apartment we rent while on holiday,
is between the location where I took this picture
{The Rodin}
and the Eiffel Tower.
It is a short walk to all of my favorite things.
I am looking forward to our holiday.
It promises to be romantic,and  happy.
My Book group meets at Labor Day each year.
It would be so great if one year,
they move the trip to November and we meet in France.
*Judy, I am just making a suggestion.
Today I wish you a short walk to your favorite places,
and much love.


Anonymous said...

find us a place to stay, I'll book my flight and start packing

Robin Tolbert said...

Do you how much FUN we would all have?