Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cave Torrelle

I am ready to shop at our little market.
Fresh fruit and veggies.
The owner is a sweet old man, who speaks almost no English.

I have been having a love affair with Macaroons for years.
My home made ones are wonderful,
Just not as beautiful as Laduree's.

I cannot wait to take my Kindle to this bench and read...
if the weather cooperates that is.
Bear with me, please?
I am getting excited, and just imagine:
The photos I will take.
The food I shall eat.
The friends we will visit.
Larry's cousin is coming to town to see him.
Having dinner on Patrick's boat.
Happy that the Gypsies will not be part of our holiday.
Skyping  with Matilda.
Concerts at the American Church,
Wearing woolie socks in a drafty apartment.
Did I mention macaroons?
Today is busy, and I have been putting things off
while I daydream.
{are you daydreaming?}
Have a perfect day.
A bientot.
Love you.