Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Princess and the Garbage

    Tuesday is garbage day in our part of town.
That means the raccoons and cats were up early checking
out what the neighbors were serving for breakfast.
Garfield was sitting by the screen door when I went feed Libby.
Libby was looking at him,
and I knew that she would not eat her breakfast untill he went away.
I shoooed him away,
Miss Libby ate all of her pug dinner.
Here is her photo looking smug. She is the princess.
I guess that it is time to clean my work area.
I just do not want to do it.
What excuse do you use when you do not want to do a chore?
I honestly cannot think of one decent excuse.....
Guess I better get cleaning.
Just a thought:
I have a friend who confuses rudeness with honesty.
How on earth can anyone get them mixed up?
Gosh I hate to do it but I guess I have to clean up
my work area today.
Who messed up my work table?
Now I have to waste MY time cleaning it up.
I am using any excuse not to get to work....
oh well...off I go.
Have a good day.
Love you beyond the garbage bags.