Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crack Kills

This photo was taken last Saturday morning.
I woke up early, and went down to the quiet beach.
On my way, walking through the busy lobby,
many people had been there all night.
San Juan must be the biggest party town I have ever visited.
How on earth do the women stay looking so beautiful,
after partying for 8 hours?
{not to mention, is is super HUMID in PR}
Lets face it,
San Juan during "Mellow Pause" is not much fun at all.
The beach was quiet, the surf, like a baby pool.
The sand was soft.
It was wonderful having a chance to visit such a historical city.
Just like any other city....
Gosh, why don't people cover that up?
{Larry said, I cannot believe that you took that picture}
Being home is good.
Larry is busy catching up with everything he missed last week.
The FIOS man installed new  TV, Internet & Phone yesterday.
and dear sweet Libby is mad at me
because she wants to still be at Lauren's house.
Have a happy day.
Enjoy wherever you are today.
Love you.