Friday, September 2, 2011

A Blue Toile Nighty

I am blogging from bed.
My laptop is on a little computer pillow so it will not get hot.
{I should take a picture of this set up for you, lol}
Sitting crossed legged, my blue toile nightly is crumpled
Libby is snoring next to me.
I can see out the window, and although it will be 100 outside today,
I can almost feel autumn.
I can smell the summer leaves dying.
Is it a mindset? Am I imagining the onset of fall?
Am I just wasting my time wishing and it will stay unbearable for months yet?
Either day...relief will come, I am sure of it.
When Kim & Gordon were visiting,
They brought us a very old,
very beautiful, antique French soup bowl.
{Thank you Kim & Gordon!}
Yesterday, as I put the end of the M&M's into it for Larry,
It was a perfect visual moment.
I stood back smiling, and ran to get my little camera.
I wonder how many perfect visual moments get past us
each day without notice?
{my goal today is to find THREE perfect, visual moments}
It is now when I shall say a bientot. I am going to walk a few miles...
Love you,