Monday, August 8, 2011


Unlike the soap ad below,
this morning is wonderful.
Monday morning laundry is swirling in the sparkling clean
{thank you Larry!}
Laundry room.
    I bought the soap above at
On Saturday,
I got to spend time with,
Miss Matilda Miller.
She is the absolute BEST baby in the world.
Sunday's Movie was North By Northwest
{in honor of my birthday trip in June}
Larry never knew that Alfred Hitchcock added his face to Mt Rushmore.
Did you know that?
Dinner was simple.
{because of the 107 temps}
Homemade potato salad, hot dogs,
The perfect dessert, a bakery cupcake.
Topped with the most amazing oooey, gooey icing in the world.
Today is a wonderful day.
Filled with everything I adore.
Jami is coming over.
Libby is happy and healthy.
My Laundry room is clean.
I hope to have all of my chores finished by this afternoon,
then Libby and I will turn TV on,
snuggle in the cool shade of the day.
Please remember to check your pets water bowls.
stay as cool as you can.
Love you!
PS: Lisa & Bobby, Dinner on Friday was so much fun.
I was trying to count how many peoples ears might have been burning.