Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Be Yourself

I love this shot.
It was taken on the south shore of Kaua'i early one morning.
It reminds me of all things good.
Look at those brown balls!
What are they?
The color and texture along with the church steeple,
confirm hope and joy.

There is a reminder of hope and joy everywhere, every day.
Nothing is ever hopeless.
Just take a moment, look around...
remember that you have hope in your heart.
It is there, in reserve, for whenever you need it.
A friend of mine is struggling right now,
This message is for you dear friend.
You and I have been friends for a very long time.
Cry when the tears come, smile when your heart is happy.
 {call me if you need me}
I love you even when you are sad.


Terence Grandfield said...

Robin, Love the post. It has made my day in a period of time when I seem to be struggling a little. Thanks ever so much. Terry