Thursday, August 11, 2011

Because of The Snow

My favorite day of the week,
and it will be HOTagain today.
In honor of breaking the record
for longest string of days over 100 degrees,
I shall share with you a treasure I found.
It was in a little shoppe in Dallas, in a box of about 10 photos.
I liked her from the beginning, but looking on the back of the card,
I realized more about her.
Mary Ellen
Standing in the German snow,I believe her nick name was
Merry Go Round!
{I do not want to know why,lol}
The photo passed an inspection,
because it was personal.

She is standing in SNOW!
I love this shot, of a confident woman in the snow.
I cannot imagine what her life was like
during the war.
Did she live in that shack behind her?
Because my journal/blog is personal,
and Mary Ellen is standing in SNOW,
I share her with you.
Personal enough to say,
the shack, the stamp "personal", and knowing she was in Germany
during the war, makes me sad.
I never take today for granted,
and Mary Ellen reminds me why.
Have a happy day,
Love you, along with my blessings!


Anonymous said...

You know, Robin, Thursday is my favorite day of the week and always has been. Once, I shared this in a high school class and got made fun of! Glad to know that someone else understands. Lots of love to you today, Amber

Robin Tolbert said...

Amber, people who love THURSDAYS....are people who love anticipation! Lots of Love back.